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Tacita presents the 14.0: the new battery pack with +32% of energy density and thermal control‬

Maria Guidotti - 01.02.2017 Markt, Strombike


Same performance also when the temperatures go below zero. Tacita T-race at the Snow Quake 2017.

Tacita is delighted to present the 14.0: the new battery pack for the its performance bikes that pack +32% energy into it and allow the Tacita T-Race to accelerate more quickly and ride for longer on a single charge.

The T-Race Enduro and Diabolika models, equipped with two batteries, can now boast 7 kWh instead of 5.3 kWh, while the T-Race Rally, and in general the models that feature four batteries, can boast 14 kWh instead of the previous 10,6 kWh.


The Snow Quake 2017, the event organized by Deus and Sideburn at Alagna Valsesia in the Valsesia Alpine valley on an icy track, was the best location to test the new battery pack with more energy density and thermal control. The test was very positive because, despite the rigid temperatures with the thermometer below zero, the performance of the T-Race remained the same both in terms of power and length on a single charge.

Piepaolo Rigo, co-founder of Tacita: “Tacita continues to innovate and invest to develop electric bike battery technology. Thanks to the more powerful battery pack, we can offer our customers a +32% more energy to accelerate more quickly and ride for longer on a single charge at the same price. There won’t be any additional cost. The T-Race is the ideal bike is fun to ride and reliable on off road and urban mode. Thanks to the thermal control, standard equipment on all the Tacita models, the performance of the bike remain consistent even at the most rigid temperatures so that T-Race can be used also in winter and at all latitudes.”.


Tacita is not only fun to ride and reliable but it offers also a convenient integrated solution for the recharge: the bike is equipped with an integrated cable to plug in a normal Shuko socket (or with an adaptor for the recharging columns in AC) and allow to recharge the battery in few hours during the lunch break or during the night to re-start with a full of energy.

The new battery pack are available and can be ordered with delivery from September 2017 at the same price.

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